Best Link Building Tips and Techniques to Rank your Website

Best Link Building Tips and Techniques to Rank your Website

Link building can be defined as the process of accumulating as many links or hyperlinks from other websites navigating to your own website. This is extremely crucial as, the more the number of links which point to your website, the higher your website ranks in the Search Engine Results Page. There are multiple link building techniques and link building strategies which will help you achieve the same. Listed below are the best link building techniques that can help your website rank higher.


1.Quality is Everything

The top reason why people click on links and go through websites is because they find the content given on those websites to be extremely useful and engaging. Many a times, we tend to focus on various strategies to increase the SEO of our website, while forgetting to focus on the main point which will automatically get more click rates, which is- better content. Make sure that your blog or website has more engaging content which attracts your target audience, and they will automatically feel the need to share it. Elaborate your blog posts and make sure that the quality of content that you are sharing is higher.


2.Have a Niche, and Stick to it

One of the main link building strategies, which will ensure that your website link is shared on other pages as well is- sticking to a niche. When your target audience look at your website, do they get confused as to what exactly is your website’s purpose? Picking a niche topic is extremely crucial, as this allows you to attract your target audience, keep them engaged, and in turn, share your website’s hyperlink on multiple platforms.


3.Start writing Guest Posts

Guest posts have been a long standing link building technique, and rightly so. Find other blogs and websites which are related to your industry or niche, and write guest posts for them. When you do this, market your own website or blog to the owner of the website, asking them to write for yours too. This allows your name and website/blog to reach a wider range of audience, in turn getting more traffic for your website.


4.Reach out to Influencers

Influencers or industry experts already have a wide audience who take into consideration their every word. Reaching out to such influencers or experts allows your name, website/blog to become prevalent to a much larger audience. Collaborate with influencers and ask their opinions, thoughts or even ask for their services in exchange for something else. Not only does this expose your website to many people, it will definitely increase your website’s rank.


5.Attractive Visuals and Infographics

Humans are visual creatures by nature. In order to attract the right audience, and to keep them engaged on your website, it is pertinent to have good looking and easy to understand data visuals or infographics which can make your blog more attractive to your audience. This will ensure that your website is shareable and will stand out. Great images are as important as great content. If the images individually are valuable, this can also help your blog be more shareable.


6.Engage with Audience

Does your website or blog have any feedback pages or forums? If not, please add them. Forums make for great link building strategy as this ensures that there is a higher engagement ratio with your target audience. Ask questions often in your blog posts and ask for the audience’s opinion. By doing this, you are showing your audience that their feedback and thoughts provide value, in turn building a stronger relationship with them. Higher audience engagement on your website is attractive to other websites, and this will make them want to share your website’s link on their page. Engaging with the people who visit your website will ensure that they will not forget your website easily, and will most likely share it with others.


7.Social Media is your Best Friend

Social Media is the most powerful tool which is absolutely necessary to harness if your primary aim is to increase your website’s ranking on the Search Engine Results Page. Advertise your website and your latest blog posts on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Quora. This ensures that your post is seen by a large audience, and if there are more shares on your social media posts, it holds a higher position in terms of the ranking. Advertising your content on Social Media is a great link building technique as Google directly views a high performing post as a high ranking link on its SERP.


8.Digital Marketing Agencies

Let us say you have done all of the above. Made blog posts with great content, attractive visuals, shared your blog on social media websites, and still you are not able to get your website to rank high in the SERP. Sometimes, you require expert help in the form of Digital Marketers or Digital Marketing Agencies. They are professional link building service providers who ensure to study your website, its content and its performance in detail in order to optimise it to reach your target audience better. Quality link building services provided by them will not only ensure that your website’s ranking to go up, but to also stay relevant in your audience’s minds. This becomes extremely crucial when you want to keep your website shareable.


9.SEO Link Building Services

Unlike Digital Marketing Agencies, these services are present online, allowing for a quick way to increase your website’s reach. These paid link building services take the pressure off you when it comes to optimizing your website. From making small changes to your website to increase it’s reach, to using the most prominent keywords, they do it all. Link building packages can be bought from these services to ensure quality link building. They mainly accomplish this through influencer marketing, publisher outreach and content marketing. While choosing such packages, make sure to pick the service which is apt for you.



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