3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Optimize for Voice Search

Voice Search optimization

With a constantly evolving market comes changes that we must evolve with. Voice search SEO services have been growing over the years as we make our shift to complete digitised societies. As all appliances, from mobiles to desktops to even watches, now have smart features, voice commands have proven to see a surge in usage. Research also proves that this trend will continue to grow with the current user base of Millennials and Get Z’s. With traditional searches not owning monopoly anymore, it is time we make way for voice search optimization to help our markets grow to new heights. The need to include voice search SEO services into our business models has been further discussed below in three fold.

Customer Behaviour: As voice searches continue to grow, it has now become a base to collect more data in order to study user intent in depth. It will soon be the key defining factor is increasing user experience and providing customers with the best possible results. Studies show that there is a distinct difference in the way users utilise text as compared to voice aids. Texts are seen to be short, to the point phrases averaging two words per search while voice searches are more conversational with full sentences. Voice search SEO services will help understand user needs better allowing businesses to cater to specific customer queries by addressing common and simple questions with crisp answers.

Content Ranking Analysis

Content Strategies: Analysing data collected will help understand user intent and most searched phrases giving you the opportunity to make changes and restructure your content accordingly. Understanding the type of result displayed by the search engine for voice based searches will also assist in building a more user friendly platform, thereby luring traffic to your webpage in the form of customers and views.


FAQ’s: Voice searches often look for solutions to immediate needs. It is shown that most questions begin with ‘what’, ‘where’, ‘why’, ‘when’ and ‘how’. Having said that, answering these simple and straightforward queries through your published content will help your webpage gain more traction. Answers to questions that address locations, and so on is the need of the hour in taking your business to the next step. With voice search optimization techniques, this can now easily be achieved in no time.



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