5 Seo Copywriting Mistakes You Should Avoid

SEOs have been a part of businesses since time immemorial, and copywriting is a way to stay on top of Google search. This is mainly to engage the audience and ultimately convert them into customers who buy products and services from the business. The “secrets” of SEO copywriting have been out there since the beginning, yet some authors do not take advantage of it. There are some usual errors committed by SEO copywriters that could cost the businesses dearly.

This is one area where SEO copywriting agencies can help the businesses work on bettering their content.

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Here are the 5 most commonly seen mistakes in SEO copywriting and tips to avoid them.

  1. Search intent

Search intent in Seo Copywriting

How does one know if the user is searching for something with buyer intent or learning intent? Creating content that would target both intents is important. For instance, Google gives out blog suggestions when power words like best, latest, top, etc., are used in the search. If the user types “Best restaurants near me”, blogs titled “Best restaurants in Chennai”, “Best restaurants in Bandra, Mumbai” are suggested.

If the search is generic like “Basketball shoes”, the top suggestions are usually ecommerce and brand websites that sell basketball shoes.

SEO copywriting services should be created in such a way that the business appears in both the searches. A lot of businesses write for only one of these, thereby missing on a huge section of audience.


  1. Ignoring top search results

top search results in google

While it is important to create unique and attractive SEO copywriting content, there is a reason why the top searches appear on top. It is always useful to identify the commonalities among all the top searches and find out what content type works for the specific topics among the users.

Should the SEO copywriting service be a blog or a listicle or a review? What subtopics should it mention? What product names are popularly mentioned?

Answering these questions not only attracts users but also increases the value in Google’s eyes. This may also help authors identify any content gap that can be filled in the new blogs, offering the uniqueness they always aim for.


  1. Being verbose without visual appeal

Seo Copywriting Plan

Do you have a lot of information to share? Is your word limit higher than usual? These situations usually lead to cardboard writings that run as massive paragraphs and only words. There is no proper structuring of content or visual images to keep the audience engaged.

Pie charts, images, bullet points, tables, smaller paragraphs, etc., are some of the ways to make information interesting and appealing to the readers.

Creating a table of contents making clear what’s in offer for the readers can help them identify which part of it they want to read. It also precisely states the different areas covered in the content.

Time spent on reading the SEO copywriting content determines if there is a potential to convert the reader. Making the content read-worthy is important to achieve that.


  1. Strike a balance between SEO and conversion

Increasing lead through SEO

Are you writing to appear at the top of search engine or to convince the readers to buy your products? A lot of authors focus more on SEO copywriting service and less on conversion. It is important to lure the readers into the business and products and convince them to try the products.

If a reader does not find relevant links that lead to the right website or landing pages, there is no use in creating a SEO-based copywriting content. If a content has all necessary details but not enough keyword research to appear on top of Google search, it would rarely reach a wide audience.

A clear intent while creating the content resolves this confusion and strikes a proper balance between the two.


  1. Keyword synonyms

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Keyword research is the basic step to create SEO copywriting content. However, most authors stick to the exact keywords and mention them in the same way throughout the content. Keyword synonyms play a major role in SEO copywriting.

Not all users search for the same words at all times. Keyword synonyms cater to any related searches and appear in most of them.

One should also remember not to bombard the content with keywords and phrases as it would compromise on the quality of the content. Google search is optimised based on more complicated attributes than just keyword intensity.

SEO copywriting is for both search engines and customers. Authors have little to no room for errors as the SEO market is highly competitive and can come up with several creative ways to achieve their marketing goals. 6mg SEO copywriting agency is one of the best to offer copywriting services and have been successful in various fields over the years. Contact our experts for the right guidance on your SEO needs.



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