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    At 6MG SEO, we consistently evolve our SEO strategies ensuring exceptional services for your business.

    Global & Multilingual SEO

    Appear on top in multilingual countries by tapping new geographies and acquire new customers as we optimize your website.

    Local SEO

    Get listed locally in all directories by embarking a solid foothold on local searches & extend your customer base.

    SEO Copy Writing

    Keep your brand on top-of-mind with our SEO crafted copies to propel not only your website’s ranking but also your company’s growth.

    Link Building Services

    Stand top on Google rankings for all your targeted keywords as we build top-notch backlinks to you site.

    Voice Search SEO

    Gain mileage with customized voice search SEO strategies and get your business in the forefront of 60% customers on the go.

    E-Commerce SEO

    Mark your presence in the ecommerce arena with our attuned product & cart optimization master plan.

    SEO For Small Business

    Achieve massive success on the web to your small business and get qualified leads as we give niche Small business SEO consulting.

    App Store Optimization (ASO)

    Rank your app on top of your respective category on Playstore and increase your app downloads by up to 50%.


    At 6MG SEO we give you actionable insight to help you optimize your website and marketing efforts

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    White-Hat SEO Techniques
    White-Hat SEO Techniques

    Banking on 100% white hat SEO techniques, our SEO experts boost your search engine rankings

    Significant ROI
    Significant ROI

    We strategize to get more website traffic, more customers and more online visibility with powerful SEO services to ensure that you get the best ROI from SEO spends

    High-End Technical Proficiency
    High-End Technical Proficiency

    We help hundreds of diverse businesses succeed online, exhibiting our adeptness in technical SEO to help you rank faster.

    Results’ Documentation
    Results’ Documentation

    We deliver results using the latest SEO tools for our clients and you can have a detailed walkthrough of our methodology

    New-Age SEO Strategies
    New-Age SEO Strategies

    In consonant with the latest guidelines of the search engines, we formulate evolving SEO strategies to maintain your search rankings

    Transparent Monthly Reporting
    Transparent Monthly Reporting

    We believe in transparency of the reports with which you can see how our SEO efforts are shaping up and track monthly keyword rankings

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      How We Work

      Our Search Engine Optimization Process

      As said, SEO strategy & its optimization involve, following a series of actions, persistent monitoring of results, and performing effective SEO strategies at a constant pace. At 6MG SEO, our entire SEO process is divided into the following steps


      Your Goal & Current SEO Status

      Technical Audit

      Business Keyword Research

      Competitor Analysis

      On-Page & Content Optimization

      Off-Page or
      Link Building

      & Documenting


      Frequently Asked Questions

      Which company is best for SEO?
      A company that provides the best service at an affordable price is good for your SEO services. And also the SEO service providing company that assures to use the best keyword which plays a major role in search engine optimization can be trusted to do your SEO service. Then an SEO service company who has experience in SEO services is good.
      How I find global SEO help me what is optimised?
      Global SEO is nothing but optimizing your content for a multitude of regions worldwide. The content you create for your website should possess the ability to work for different regions and languages. And also the content needs to be optimised for each region's search engine result pages (SERPs) in order to get worldwide visitors to your website. When your optimised content starts working globally, it means people from different regions are able to get what you have described in your website and this obviously helps your site reach a peak in international visitors.
      How to do multilingual SEO?

      There are a lot of things to be done to get your multilingual site that ranks well in a search engine result page.Firstly, the content of your site needs to be translated to your target language. Then, it has to be optimised targeting the right keyword and audience. The translated content should be verified and ensured that it describes the exact content you expect. And also the content has to be as efficient as to drive traffic to your site.

      What is E-commerce SEO service?

      E-commerce stands for electronic commerce. E-commerce SEO is a process that makes your website more visible in the search engine result pages (SERPs). Through this SEO service, your website can rank well in search engines such as Google. And also this helps you reach your target audience in an effective way. 

      What are E-commerce SEO services?

      The major E-commerce SEO service is to make your website rank at the top search engine result pages (SERPs). It's a combined optimization of your website and product. The E-commerce service provider focuses on E-commerce specific tactics that drives the traffic to your E-commerce website.The effect of an E-commerce SEO service is the visibility of your website. 


      What E-commerce stores can use service?

      An E-commerce SEO service for an online store depends upon the product they sell and their target audience. The E-commerce SEO service providers service the E-commerce platforms that expect their website rank well in a search engine. SEO is an important part of an online store. An online store without SEO may not have the visibility and popularity to their store. 

      How long does E-commerce SEO take?

      For an E-commerce website to rank well in search engine result pages (SERPs), it will take approximately 4-8 months on a low competition keyword. Even if SEO service providers have used appropriate keywords, it will take about 6 months to rank at the top of the search engine result pages. 

      How much do E-commerce SEO services cost?

      If you acquire an E-commerce SEO service, you will have to pay between INR 8000-15000 a month. For a year it will cost around 1,00,000. Many SEO service companies in India charge very low amount for example, INR 25,000 per year. If an SEO service company offer you SEO service at high cost, you must be aware of that. 

      How does E-commerce SEO work?

      It works as a step by step process. E-commerce SEO service providers focus on the keywords that are being used often by the searchers. And a website with efficient and attractive content is more likely to get the attention of the target audience. This is one of the great ways to reach a large number of visitors to your website. 

      Does my organization really need SEO?

      SEO service works for every organization. Every company can benefit from SEO service, because every company needs unique visibility and popularity to their products. This popularity can not be attained by mere websites without SEO. 

      Do E-commerce SEO services come with any guarantee?

      The guarantee of an SEO service depends upon the company who provides the SEO service. But in general, No company can give the guarantee to SEO service. When the trend of your product gets outmoded, it's not certain that your website will get traffic through SEO service. 

      What kinds of online stores can use E-commerce SEO services?

      A store that sells products and services online requires SEO services to develop their business. So any online store or service provider can use E-commerce SEO service in order topromote their sales and popularity. When the popularity of a store or brand is high, it's more likely to stand tall among their competitors. 

      Can’t find an answer?

      Don’t worry, our SEO experts are eagerly waiting to answer your call or email. Our promise is to provide the most up to date and accurate answers to help you understand what we do in depth.